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Which is better LCD or CRT?

Which is better LCD or CRT? In the long and arduous process of PC industry innovation, with the advancement of display technology, the classification of displays has become more refined, which can be divided into flat panel displays (FPD) and cathode ray tubes (CRT), Also called flat panel display. CRT FPD is the dominant display when it is immature, with mature technology, low cost, excellent color and short response time. However, due to its huge size, flicker, image distortion and other fatal defects, the civilian market share is gradually replaced by FPD. As the name suggests, flat panel displays are relatively thin displays. It can be divided into LCD liquid crystal display, PDP plasma display, organic light emitting diode organic light emitting diode display, FED field emission display, etc. In everyday applications, LCD liquid crystal displays are more popular.

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1, volume comparison: the gap is not a little bit.

In today's simplification of electronic products, LCD monitors reduce a lot of desktop space. The advantages of the two monitors in appearance are obvious.

2, Soft picture: more friendly to the eyes

Since the work of the CRT display requires the electron gun to continuously light up the fluorescent substances on the screen to maintain the continuity of the picture, the refresh rate of the CRT display must be above 85Hz to avoid obvious screen flickering. The liquid crystal display is equipped with lights on both sides of the screen to provide a uniform background light source for the liquid crystal material. Therefore, the screen will not flicker under the influence of the refresh rate, which can reduce the damage of the display to the eyes, and the eyes will not be easily tired after using the computer for a long time. In addition, the electromagnetic radiation of CRT monitors can not be underestimated.

3. Display effect comparison: CRT has picture distortion.

CRT monitors precisely control the position of the electron beam on the screen through the electromagnetic field generated by the deflection yoke, with occasional positioning errors. Therefore, CRT displays often have different degrees of geometric distortion and linear distortion. In contrast, LCD panels are made up of multiple pixels, and each individual pixel color is controlled by three basic colors (R, G, B) of red, green, and blue to prevent picture distortion.

4, power consumption comparison: the display no longer heats up.

I believe everyone has a deep understanding. This is because the CRT picture tube uses a heat source and emits a lot of heat during use. Of course, power consumption also increases.

Usually, the power of a 17-inch CRT display is 80~100W, which is more than twice the power consumption of a liquid crystal display of the same size. The power of the 26-inch LCD display at 100% brightness is only 87W, and the LCD has obvious advantages in energy saving.

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Which is better LCD or CRT? To sum up, the advantages of liquid crystal display such as small size, light weight, good picture effect and low power consumption are the reasons why it can completely replace the CRT display.

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