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Which is the best LCD or OLED?

Which is the best LCD or OLED? Which is the best liquid crystal or organic light emitting diode? In the display device, the technology used by the screen is a crucial link, which directly affects people's perception and experience. In the past, LCD screens were mostly used for large screens, such as color TVs, smart tablets, or small screens, such as mobile phones. In recent years, with the development of OLED screen technology, some high-end TVs and flagship mobile phones are gradually equipped with OLED screens, so is it really better to buy mobile phones with OLED screens? Let's first take a look at the comparison of the two screens:

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1. Price. Since LCD technology is mature and has many applications, whether it is a low-end or high-end mobile phone, the price of LCD screen mobile phones is dominant. Organic light-emitting diodes are often flagship machines, so the price will be slightly higher and not dominant.

2. Thickness. An OLED is thinner because it lacks several layers of material. Because the backlight structure is omitted, the thickness of the organic light emitting diode is less than 1mm, which is only one-third of the traditional LCD screen. At the same time, due to the characteristics of the material composition, the organic light emitting diode has good shock resistance and is not afraid of falling.

3. Energy consumption. Due to the different light-emitting modes of the panels, organic light-emitting diodes do not emit light, but LCDs emit black light in the case of a black screen. Liquid crystal displays require color filters to display color effects, which will cause the overall light efficiency to drop by more than 67%. In addition, the light valve function of the LCD had to be based on polarized light, which resulted in a 50% loss of brightness. Some analysts say that the LCD backlight brightness utilization rate will not exceed 15%, and 85% of the energy is wasted. Therefore, organic light emitting diodes are more power efficient than LCDs.

4. Fold and bend. Due to the different display principles of LCD and OLED, OLED screens can be bent, while LCD screens cannot.

5. Contrast. That is black. The most criticism of LCD is its black performance: because the liquid crystal layer cannot be completely closed, when the LCD displays black, part of the light will pass through the color layer, so the black of the LCD is actually gray mixed with white and black.

6. Burn-in. Unique phenomenon of organic light-emitting diode screens. Due to pixel aging, the screen will leave an afterimage of the original display. This happens when the screen is used for about 2-3 years.

7. Degree of eye damage. compared to liquid crystal organic light emitting diodes.

We can see that in the process of comparing organic light-emitting diode screens and LCD screens, organic light-emitting diodes have great advantages, such as better contrast, better black performance, wider color gamut, lighter weight, thinner Bend and so on. Indeed, according to the share that increases year by year. It is estimated that by 2020, more than half of smartphones will feature organic light-emitting diode displays. But LCD is still the most mature technology in the display screen, the most mainstream choice in the market, the price is more suitable, and even less irritating to the eyes.

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Which is the best LCD or OLED? In fact, through the actual comparison, it is found that there is really no difference between LCD and OLED mobile phone screens in actual use. So far, it can be said that all mobile phone manufacturers have used the best means in mobile phone technology, quality control, and screen quality. The actual display effect and optimization technology of the screen are excellent, and there are no flaws even within the range that the naked eye can distinguish. Therefore, when buying a mobile phone, don't be obsessed with new and fancy terms, don't be obsessed with a trendy function, choose the experience, plan the budget, consider the practicality, and the one that suits you is the best!

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