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Liquid Crystal Screen Technology

Introduction to LCM Structure

1. TP Touch Panel

 Touch screen, common is 4-wire resistive touch screen. Users can operate directly with a stylus or finger.


2. TFT Panel

The panel that provides the display for the entire display module is also the most important part of the display module. The performance of the panel determines its display effect, high resolution, high contrast, high color reproduction, fast response time, light transmission, semi-transparent and other characteristics.


3. BZ

BZ is Bezel commonly known as iron frame, commonly used stainless steel SUS304 series materials. Thickness commonly used 0.1, 0.15, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5mm or other thickness. The main function of BZ is to strengthen the structure of the liquid crystal display module, protect the corresponding parts, and reduce the impact of external forces. Usually, when the structure, thickness and price allow, two iron frames can be designed, so that the whole product can be protected by the iron frame.


4. BLU

Back Light Unit is a backlight source, and its main function is to provide illumination for non-self-illuminating Panels. All kinds of LED light sources are basically used in small and medium sizes. At present, LED backlight sources are also used in large sizes, such as LED notebooks and LED LCD TVs.


5. FPA

Flexible Printed Board Assembly. It is usually divided into three types: hard board, soft board and soft-rigid combination board. The main function of the FPA flexible circuit board is to connect the display screen and the main board, install the peripheral circuit components of each IC, and other designed components. It can be bent and bent according to the design requirements, with thin thickness, light weight and easy processing.


6. PCB

Printed Circuit Board Rigid circuit board. The main function is to connect the display and motherboard, install other components or connect with other components. Usually 4-layer, 8-layer, 10-layer, and 20-layer wire can be realized.


7. Adhesive tape

There are generally three types of tapes: single- or double-sided tape for sticking, insulating tape, and conductive tape. Materials with appropriate properties and thickness can be selected according to design requirements.

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