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Polarizer introduction

1. The role of polarizer

The polarizing plate is to make the natural light with no polarization, generate polarization, convert it into polarized light, and control the passage of light with the twisting characteristics of liquid crystal molecules, thereby improving the light transmittance and viewing angle range, forming anti-glare and other functions. Polarizer is a sheet-like optical material that generates and detects polarized light, and is also an essential key component of liquid crystal displays.


2. Classification of polarizers

A. Classification by function:

Transmissive polarizer

Reflective polarizer

Transflective polarizer

Compensated polarizer

B. Classification by additional functions:

Anti-glare treatment (AG: Anti-Glare)

Scratch treatment (HC: Hard Coating)

Anti-Reflection Treatment/Low Reflection Treatment (AR/LR)

Anti-static treatment (Anti-Static)

Anti-Smudge Treatment (Anti-Smudge)


3. Storage of polarizers

The polarizer itself is easily damaged by water mist and high temperature, so any slight damage to the polarizer structure during slicing and use may reduce the durability of the polarizer. The storage and processing of polarizers should meet the following conditions: temperature: 25±2℃, humidity ≦60% RH; cleanliness: 10000 grade.

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