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TFT screen and its technical characteristics

TFT-LCM is the abbreviation of Thin Film Transistor--Liquid Crystal Display Module in English. Thin film field effect transistors (TFETs), which can pair individual pixels on the display, greatly improve the response time, about 80ms, and the viewing angle can generally be around 130 degrees. It has a new speed with high speed, high brightness and high contrast.

1. Extra long service life of TFT display screen

TFT display screen is generally sophisticated in materials selection, skilled in production technology, high qualified rate of output products, and strict control from the raw materials, through layer-by-layer inspection, such as incoming material inspection, inspection in each link of production, finished product inspection (appearance inspection, electrical testing, etc.). The factory will also undergo a series of tests to ensure the ultimate long life of the product.

2. Wide angle view of TFT display screen

TFT display uses IPS wide-view technology with 178-degree viewing angle. Breaking through the defect of poor viewing angle of traditional screen, makes TFT screen more popular with consumers.

3. Wide range of product applications

LCD flat panel display based on TFT technology is the pillar industry of information society. Technology that can be applied to rapidly growing thin-film transistor organic electroluminescence (TFT-OLED) flat panel displays is also growing rapidly.

4. High Integration

The 1.3-inch TFT chip used for LCD projection has a resolution of XGA containing millions of pixels. TAB ON GLASS and SYSTEM ON GLASS technology, the integration of IC, the requirements of equipment and supply technology, are more difficult than traditional LSI.

5. Relatively low production costs

Due to the mature production process, the success rate of the product has been greatly improved, making the TFT screen a mass-produced and high-quality product, and the glass and plastic substrates fundamentally solve the cost problem of large-scale semiconductor integrated circuits, which opens up a broad application space for the application of large-scale semiconductor integrated circuits.

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