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Six advantages of LCD liquid crystal display

  Now there are a variety of screen choices, new LCD screens are emerging one after another, and the technology is frequently updated and iterated. So why are LCD screens always more popular? Topfoison will point out the reason for "the LCD screen will never be a slave". Now let's take a look at the advantages of LCD screens that make them so beloved by many businesses and companies.

  1.Thin body, save space

  The traditional CRT display uses a picture tube technology to image, and needs a built-in vacuum picture tube, and then is equipped with an electron gun at the end, so the volume of the entire display is of course larger. Compared with the more bulky CRT monitors, LCD monitors only need one-third of the space of the former. Why are LCD monitors so thin? This starts with the internal structure of the LCD screen. The LCD does not need to install a picture tube inside the display. Of course, the volume is smaller and the weight will be lighter.

  2. Low radiation, good for health

  The display material of CRT display is phosphor powder, which is displayed by hitting the phosphor powder with electron beam. The moment the electron beam hits the phosphor, a strong electromagnetic radiation will be generated. In order to dissipate heat, the ordinary display must make the internal circuit in contact with the air as much as possible, so that the electromagnetic waves generated by the internal circuit will "leak" to the outside.

  Relatively speaking, the liquid crystal display has inherent advantages in preventing radiation, because its harm to the human body can be ignored. In the prevention of electromagnetic waves, the liquid crystal display also has its own unique advantages, it adopts strict sealing technology.

  The working principle of LCD is that the liquid crystal will show different light characteristics under the action of different voltages, so the radiation and electromagnetic waves will be much smaller.

  3. The LCD screen is more eye-friendly

  The PWM dimming principle of OLED screen application will inevitably cause screen flicker that cannot be recognized by the naked eye, so although there is no difference in feeling, in fact, this stroboscopic flicker can easily cause eye fatigue in the case of low brightness, which is why Many people often feel that their eyes are sore and uncomfortable when facing OLED screens. Compared with LCD screens, LCD screens are much better, especially for users who like to play mobile phones late at night. Compared with OLED screens, LCD screens are simply too friendly.

  4. The LCD screen does not burn the screen

  Although the emerging OLED screen has many advantages, due to the display method, the OLED screen is relatively easy to "burn in". This kind of burn-in refers to the image being still for a long time, and the difference between light and dark in the screen is large, when the screen is switched, There is still an afterimage, which cannot be recovered in severe cases, but this problem does not exist on LCD screens.

  5. Power saving, no high temperature

  The LCD screen is a low-power consumption product and can be completely non-heating (the main power-consuming and heating part exists in the backlight tube or LED), while the CRT display inevitably generates high temperature due to the imaging technology.

  The traditional display is composed of many circuits. When these circuits drive the cathode ray picture tube to work, it needs to consume a lot of power, and with the continuous increase of the volume, the power consumed by the internal circuit will also increase. In contrast, the power consumption of the liquid crystal display is mainly consumed in its internal electrodes and driving IC, so the power consumption is much smaller than that of the CRT display.

  For example: Ordinary 17-inch CRT is about 130W, and LCD will not exceed 60W.

  6. The cost of LCD screen is lower

  Generally speaking, reducing costs has become an important rule for enterprises to survive. Compared to OLED, LCD is much cheaper to manufacture, and OLED is much more expensive to manufacture LCD - about twice as much as LCD. So from a cost point of view, lcd is a better choice.

The above is the whole content of Six advantages of LCD liquid crystal display, If you want to order LCD liquid crystal display screen , contact us whenever you want, we can customize it for you professionally, Topfoison electronic service Email: info@topfoison.com .

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