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How should we choose between LCD、LED and QLED?

  We usually hear about LCD LED and QLED when we buying a screen. So what’s the difference between they? And what’s the theory、advantages and disadvantages between they?

  The full name of LCD is Liquid-Crystal Display. In 1888, Austrian chemist Friedrich Reinitzer discovered the characteristics of liquid crystals. After decades of research, in 1964, George H. Heilmeier completed the first dynamic scattering mode LCD display at RCA laboratories. In 1971, the International Liquid Xtal Company mass-produced the first Liquid crystal display using rotational nematic field effects. Liquid crystal displays became really popular in the 1980s.

  In reality, they are similar in principles.The display principle of LCD, is put between two slices of conductive glass and the LCD, itself is not light imaging, driven by two electrodes in the electric field, the effect of electric field of twisted nematic liquid crystal molecules, so as to keep out or through light, produce light from the darkness between power open and can display the image again, after a color filter to display color images.

  In terms of brightness, LED are brighter than LCD. It are made up of positively and negatively charged semiconductors that combine when a current is turned on, releasing energy as light. And we usually refer to the LED screen, in fact, refers to the use of LED as a background light source of the LCD display. Previously used CCFL (cold cathode screen light tube) volume, heat, brightness are higher than it, so the new LCD display began to switch to LED backlight.

  LED basically uses backlight panel to emit light, so even the black pixels will appear halo due to backlight irradiation, resulting in the black is not pure. However, QLED can increase the quantum dot film that blocks the black pixels, and QLED can display a brighter picture than traditional LED displays, so the contrast between light and dark is better than traditional LED displays.

  The blue light emitted from the LED backlight can be converted into relatively pure red and green light through the quantum dot film. The blue, green and red light produced by this method can reduce the blue-green light crosstalk and the light absorption rate of the color filter, so as  to have better light penetration and display color gamut space.

  Different LCD have different lifespans depending on their luminescent substances. The cold cathode ray tube life of a conventional CCFL LCD display is only 50,000 hours, while the LED life of an LED LCD display is 10 hours. And QLED LCD is expected to have a longer lifespan. According to a research paper by Samsung in 2020, it is expected to produce self-luminous QLED displays with a lifespan of more than 1 million hours.

  In the display of the common burning screen because of the number of separate luminous pixels because of the operation of different, so resulting in the aging degree of some pixels more than others, resulting in a picture of different colors. LCD, LED and QLED display are all using a single luminous backplane, so there is no burning of the screen.

  The traditional CFFL has been eliminated. Compared with the display using LED and QLED quantum dots, the cost of QLED is lower, because QLED can replace polarizer with quantum dot membrane, which greatly reduces the production cost of QLED.

  If you want to be outdoors for screen display, high brightness and color saturation of the LED is a right choice, it can catch people's attention, the first time to bring the impact on colour, but at the same time it also determines the characteristics of it is not suitable for long time, otherwise it will cause burden to eyes, at the same time, it also does not have the LCD so long service life.

  In conclusion, if you want to watch for a long time, then LCD is a good choice because of its higher resolution and softer brightness, and the longer life of LCD, it is the best choice for indoor use. In terms of cost, LCD is also extremely cost-effective and suitable for large-scale supply.

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