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Which liquid is used in LCD?

Which liquid is used in LCDIt can be said that all kinds of electronic information products are inseparable from LCD screens, and LCD screens have penetrated into all aspects of life. Electronic watches, LCD TVs, mobile phones, notebook computers and LCD monitors have been widely used in various display fields. Liquid crystal display is a very common electronic display in our life. Hearing its name, you might wonder if there is liquid in it? Today Topfoison is here to give you some popular science.

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The most important substance in LCD is liquid crystal. As the name suggests, liquid crystal has some properties of liquid and crystal: on the one hand, it can flow like a liquid; on the other hand, the molecular arrangement is ordered like a solid crystal, which can be said to be in a state between liquid and solid. By applying different voltages to the liquid crystal layer in the screen, it can change the arrangement of its molecules and display different optical properties, such as light transmittance. This photoelectric effect is the basic principle of LCD imaging. It is a regularly arranged organic compound, a substance between solid and liquid. At present, the molecularly aligned nematic slender columnar liquid crystals are most suitable for the manufacture of liquid crystal displays. Because liquid crystal is between solid and liquid, it has both the optical properties of solid crystal and the properties of liquid flow, so it can be said to be an intermediate phase.

The liquid is a mixture of liquid crystals and chemicals that are extremely sensitive to ultraviolet light. It is the key to displaying the image. Coat it on plastic, press down the coating thickness to 1mm, then irradiate it with UV light. In the coating, UV sensitizers act to automatically form a grid to separate the liquid crystals. These segmented liquid crystals are the basic pixels of the display, and the size of the grating is completely controlled by the intensity of the UV light. Thanks to the use of a plastic film as a base layer, the display is not only flexible enough to bend, but also larger, thinner, and lighter enough to be carried anywhere. People can lay this display on any surface and enjoy the TV picture. Such as walls, tables, and even your clothes.

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So which liquid is used in LCD?There are many kinds of liquid crystals. But the liquid crystal screen can be very thin and light, with low voltage and low power consumption, so it is more popular.

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