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Common interface types of LCD


    The SPI bus is a serial peripheral interface, a high-speed, full-duplex, synchronous communication bus that occupies only four wires on the pins of the chip.

    The communication principle of SPI is very simple, it works in a master-slave manner, usually there is one master device and one or more slave devices, and at least 4 wires are required.

    The SPI interface has few signal lines, simple protocol, high relative data rate, only one main data line, generally used for products below 2.4 inches, low requirements for video playback, and low motherboard chips and costs.



    The Driver IC of the LCD with the MCU interface all has GRAM. The driver IC, as a co-processor of the MCU, accepts Command/Data sent by the MCU, and can work relatively independently; the CPU interface, also known as the system interface, includes 80, 68 and The serial port, taking 80 as an example, includes 18/16/9/8 bits transmission forms. The 18-bit interface, that is, RGB, is 6-bit data. The 6-bit data is converted into gray-scale voltage by LCD Driver IC processing and sent to the panel.

    MCU control is simple, no clock and synchronization signals are required, and GRAM is consumed. It is suitable for QVGA products and products below 3.5 inches, Display data writing, often used for still picture display.


    There are two main ways of RGB interface: 16bit, 18bit, 24bit.

In addition to the RGB interface data line, the RGB interface connection method also requires MCK, HSYNC and VSYNC three clock lines to ensure that the RGB interface data is transmitted from the CPU to the LCD according to the correct timing, where MCK is the system clock, providing a stable square wave clock, HSYNC is a horizontal synchronization signal, and VSYN is a vertical synchronization signal.

    Therefore, RGB needs a clock and a synchronization signal. The data is not written, but the screen is directly written. The speed is fast, and it is often used to display video or animation. This interface is generally used in the car.


    4. MIPI

    MIPI interface is an open standard for mobile application processorsThe MIPI interface is divided into MIPI 1L/2L/3L/4L/8L in the form of a group of two data lines. The advantages of MIPI are low power consumption, higher data transfer, and less PCB space.


    5. LVDS

    LVDS interface is an interface for low-voltage differential signaling to transmit data. LVDS can make the system power supply voltage as low as 2V, low differential signal, high data transfer rate from 100MBPS to over 1GBPS, reduce power dissipation, easy terminal adaptation and low cost. LVDS interface is generally used in car, tablet computer.


    However, in the process of choosing and purchasing an LCD screen, the choice of LCD interface type is mainly determined by the interface of the motherboard. Of course, we can also customize the appropriate interface for you.

The above is the whole content of Common interface types of LCD, If you want to order LCD liquid crystal display screen , contact us whenever you want, we can customize it for you professionally, Topfoison electronic service Email: info@topfoison.com .

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