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LG's new product lamp trial with OLED panel as a lighting source Date:2017-10-09 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 998

     LG Display OLED panels produced by a very high quality, in the LG OLED TV and recently released V30 smart phone products can be seen out. But LG for OLED panel applications and not limited to electronic products, recently, LG also tried to use the OLED panel as a light source of the lamp. This is not the first time LG to promote OLED lamp. In 2014, LG Electronics once demonstrated a similar product concept. And now put the concept into a product. In this three years, this OLED lamp technology has been developed by leaps and bounds. It was originally produced using the second generation of production technology, and LG Display is now using a more efficient fifth-generation production line.

     This OLED lamp uses an ultra-thin light-emitting panel, covered by plastic, so the flexibility is very high. LG Display produced three different light-emitting panel, one is a square, the other two are different length of the oval.

     The power of this lamp is higher than the 2014 version, and the luminous life is extended. LG Display recently held in London DesignJunction show on the public display of the three lamps, and said the elliptical model luminous life of 3 million -4 million hours, equivalent to 13 years time in the lights every day 10 hours.

     Like other LED lights, LG's OLED lamp supports color temperature adjustment to match the current environment, time or use. Its flexibility also gives the product design a high degree of freedom, and in addition to home, the LG Display is still in cooperation with the car manufacturers, their lighting panels to the car which.

     Although the market has been available on the market version of the product, but the LG Display this show the fifth generation of OLED lamps to wait until the beginning of next year will be fully operational.