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7.0 --- 7.0 Inch

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7.0 --- 7.0 Inch

7 inch IPS 1024*600 TFT lcd display MIPI DSI interface capacitive touch panel
Model No.: TF-LCM70009A-C

This is a full color 7 inch TFT LCD display module, 1024*600 high resolution, IPS all view direction, high speed MIPI DIS interface, capacitive touch panel.

Widely suitable for consumer electronics, industrial equipment, automobile display system, intelligent household electrical appliances, medical devices, IOT system and other products design.
  • Description
        ITEM     CONTENTS

        Display Size(Diagonal) 

        7.0 inch   

        Display Format 

        1024(RGB) * 600 Pixels 

        Active Area 

        154.08(W) * 85.92(H) mm 

        Module Size 

        181.85(W) * 119.8(H) * 5.84(T) mm  

        Module Size(With FPC) 

        181.85(W) * 158.01 (H) * 5.84 (T) mm 

        Pixel Pitch 


        LCD Type 

        TFT (16.7M)/ Transmissive / Normal White 

        View Angle       IPS full viewing angle
        Brightness       500 cd/m2

        Controller IC 

         EK9713 & EK73002

        Touch Panel

         Capacitive Touch Panel

  • Application

    This display has 60HZ refresh rate and match with the hdmi to mipi u-type board ,so it is better for the VR , which can track your location when you are playing the 3d game.

    In addition :This digital vr lcd display also has its special features  ,which is IPS panel and the shape is square , in addition : This u-type board has a  9 axis sensor  including  a three-axis magnetic sensor,triaxial accelerometer and a triaxial Gyroscope  .  It can track your actions and lock your position when you're  playing the game.

    This lcd display also can be customized with quality assurance if you have some special requirement about this it ,OEM ODM is positives with favorable price if you want to put your own logo in vr display.

  • Catalogue
    Module No. Size/inch Resolution Viewing Angle Interface Remarks
    TF13016A-C 1.3 240*240 IPS SPI 3W 2Lane Round+CTP
    TF13018A-C 1.3 240*240 IPS SPI 4 Wires Square+CTP
    TF13019A-C 1.3 240*240 IPS SPI 4 Wires Square+Cover Glass
    TF13912A-N 1.39 400*400 IPS MIPI DSI Round AMOLED
    TF15418A-C 1.54 240*240 IPS MCU 8bit Square+Cover Glass
    TF15418B-C 1.54 240*240 IPS MCU 8bit Square+CTP
    TF16003A-C 1.6 320*320 IPS MCU 8/9bit Square+CTP
    TF17723A-N 1.77 128*160 12 O'clock MCU 8/9/16B+SPI3W RTP optional
    TF20019A-N 2.0 176*220 6 O'clock SPI  4W
    TF20020A-N 2.0 240*320 IPS / 6 O'clock SPI+RGB、MCU、SPI
    TF23001A-N 2.3 320*240 12 O'clock SPI 3/4+MCU 8/9/16/18
    TF24035D-N 2.4 240*320 IPS / 6 O'clock MCU 8/9/16/18bit RTP optional
    TF28050A-N 2.8 240*320 6 O'clock SPI 3/4+MCU 8/9/16bit
    TF28051A-N 2.8 240*400 12 O'clock SPI 3W+RGB 18bit RTP optional
    TF28053A-N 2.8 240*320 IPS SPI+RGB+MCU CTP/RTP
    TF32010A-T 3.2 240*320 12 O'clock SPI 3/4W+MCU 8/16bit RTP
    TF35029A-N 3.5 320*240 IPS SPI+RGB  RTP optional
    TF35030A-N 3.5 320*480 6 O'clock SPI+RGB+MCU RTP optional
    TF39709A-C 3.97 480*800 IPS MIPI DSI CTP
    TF39714A-N 3.97 480*800 IPS / 6 O'clock SPI 3/4W+RGB 18bit CTP optional
    TF39720A-N 3.97 1280*720 IPS LVDS FOG without BL
    TF39722A-N 3.97 1280*720 IPS LVDS+SPI 1000 cd/m2
    TF40002A-C 4.0 720*720 IPS MIPI 4-lanes Square+CTP
    TF43027A-N 4.3 480*272 12 O'clock RGB 24bit CTP/RTP
    TF43028A-C 4.3 480*272 IPS RGB 24bit CTP
    TF50002G-N 5.0 800*480 12 O'clock RGB 24bit CTP optional
    TF50017A-N 5.0 480*854 IPS SPI 3W+RGB 24bit CTP optional
    TF52013A-N 5.2 1080*1920 IPS MIPI 4-lanes
    TF55005A-N 5.5 1080*1920 IPS MIPI 4-lanes CTP optional
    TF70003B-N 7.0 800*480 12 O'clock RGB 24bit CTP optional
    TF70009A-C 7.0 1024*600 IPS MIPI 4-lanes CTP

  • Customized solution

    Each customer will require adjustments based on our standard products, such as the FPC layout shape, interface definition, Capacitive/Resistive Touch Panel, high brightness backlight, protective cover glass, and LOGO, etc.

    No matter what industry your products belong to, Topfoison focuses on providing customers with differentiated customized services, so that your products lead the industry standard and have more advantages!

    All these are available, please contact us, we will provide targeted solutions according to your specific needs!

  • Lead time

    1.  Sample time:      3-5days.     (In stocks.)

    2.  Mass production:  4-6weeks.    (Less than 1k.)

    3.  Mass production:  6-8weeks.    (About 5k)

  • Company information

    As a professional small size TFT LCD/ OLED display manufacturer, Topfoison covers 2000 ㎡ production area, including 1200 ㎡ dust-free clean workshop and more than 200 staffs. 

    We are the professional manufacturer focus on 1.22-7.0 inch display more than 10 years, owning more than 10 set laboratory equipments and 2 fully automated COG/FOG production lines, each line per hourly capacity is 2K pieces and the monthly capacity more than 1KK pieces.

    Our products are widely used with smart wearable device, industrial equipment, medical equipment, automotive display system, POS system, smart home appliances, smart home control system, IOT system, Virtual Reality headmounted application, etc. We guarantee the quality and provide with specialized expert service.

    We also provide customized services, such as resistive/capacitive touch screen, FPC, high brightness backlight, protective cover glass, logo, and even various sizes of LCD glass.

    For more details, welcome to contact us, we will supply you a suitable solution for your project. :)