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What is sunlight readable lcd screen or transflective lcd display Date:2017-07-12 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 1376

    According to the "lighting",General lcd display is divided into 3 kinds ,that is ,transmissive,transflective lcd display and total reflection lcd display.


     For Total reflection lcd display,There is retroreflector on the back of lcd display,which provide light at the sun and lighting circumance.the core advantage is the light is more stronger,the show effect is better.shortages is that we can"t read or write under the weak light. 


     Transmissive lcd display,There is no retroreflector ,it depends on BL for the light.Under the weak light, light reading ability is outstanding,but the Backlight brightness is weak at outdoor.Rely on backlight brightness, make sudden loss of power.


     For transflective lcd display ,Backlight brightness automatically adapt to the outdoor environment,Outdoor sunshine how strong, reflective film reflection of backlight (sun).Strong outdoor sunlight brightness will not be afraid of again, the stronger the ambient light, reflecting the stronger the backlight, outdoors can not completely rely on additional backlight lighting device, so in the outdoor type than all through the screen to save electricity a lot, and good show effect.


     Recently,we have1.3inch transflective lcd/1.34inch outdoor readable display/ 1.6inch capacitive touch  and 3.5inch sunlight readable lcd display which is most used for outdoor device.