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Wearable product

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Wearable product

Topfoison developed a series of small size TFT LCD display from 1.3inch to 1.6inch round/square Color LCD screen/Transflective LCD modules for a wide variety of wearable applications,including smart watch device, sports watches, healthcare equipment, and action cameras. 

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1.  Low Power consumption--It can extend the lifetime of the LCD display.
2.  Color TFT LCD--It has good viewing performance than monochrome type.  
3.  Outdoor visibility--Good visibility realized by transflective/reflective sunlight reedable lcd display. 
4.  Light/Thin--It will be easy for taking,portable device. 
5.  Touch panel--Resistive touch panel and Capacitive touch panel available. 
6.  Shape---Round and Square lcd screen can be available,with good looking. 
7.  Viewing angle---IPS full viewing angle has a good performance.  
8.  Technology---IPS,TN,AMOLED.