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Good news for you, you have to know!!! Date:2018-03-28 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 782
Most of customers bought our products and they want to have a quick performance checking on the LCD display,how can they do that?Yes,there would be a demo board which can check the backlight and LCD performance,that's all.

If you think Topfoison is only a small lcd display screen/oled panel factory and manufacturer?Yes,we were,but from now we are different.
Topfoison has our own R&D department to solve customers technical questions and issues,we now have a professional engineer team for  PCB,HDMI customization solution,Housing deisgn and OEM&ODM support.

You bought our HDMI to MIPI DSI board and PCB driver board,but finally you found they only suitable for prototypes."I think it is too big,can i make a smaller driver board?”“If you have any other board with other functions”....Let me tell you all that issues can be solved.

Topfoison had FPC,Backlight,Capacitive touchscreen and Resistive touch panel custom solution,now we can do HDMI board customization,we finally customized a driver board for one of our client which can convert our 1080p/2K LCD display from vertical to landscape and you do not need to through PC ,really convenient,isn't it? We also succeed with PCB Board to go with C800 chip and RK3399.

Are you still looking for a Professional and reliable supplier with LCD and driver board solution?Please leave a message or send us an email,we will be your most ardent advisor,let's get in touch!!!