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New Custom 5-6inch mipi dsi interface high resolution 1080*1920 Full hd display with hdmi board and capacitive touch panel Date:2018-04-10 / Written by: Topfoison / Read: 854

As Topfoison already developed high resolution 1080p and 2K LCD display 6inch go with hdmi to mipi dsi board for Virtual reality.Nowadays,we custom a new Touch panel display for 6inch according to our customers' requirement.It is 6inch with capacitive touch panel.

Different from others,it can go with hdmi board or without and it does not used for VR headset.According to our marketing research, mostly it will be used for social robots,new biometric payment device and handheld monitoring equipment.

Most of our customers bought it for prototype checking and to see whether it has good performance,we always recommend our customers to buy a hdmi to mipi board go with,you can connect it to PC directly and quick check the screen.We got some feedback from our customers that "why your hdmi board can only check the LCD and can not test the touch panel?".As the hdmi board designed for VR Application like VR Headset and something like projector,3D printer....They all only need LCD,that's why we do not apply Capacitive touch screen before.

For new project,if you want High resolution for 6inch with capacitive touch,welcome to contact us that our 60012 can meet your requirements.
Also customization is welcome,if you want change the CTP,or maybe you want custom a new HDMI board which can check both LCD and touchpanel,Customization is available,we can make a whole new board according to your project.

If you have any new idea or something,welcome to reach us:)