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一. LCM+电阻tp移位问题的设计

一. Shift issue about LCM+ resistive touch panel  

1. 案例:Tf17713a/26010a等项目

     1. Case: Tf17713a/26010a and other projects.

2. 现象:Tp向封口方向移动且在fpc方向会向上方翘起

     2. Phenomenon: Tp move toward the sealing direction and tilt upwards in the fpc direction.

3. 原因:Tp的fpc在弯折时有很强的推力,tp上的双面胶长时间受力且受环境的影响双面胶粘性减弱,导致tp移位超出背光边缘。

     3. Reason: Tp fpc has strong thrust when bending, the double-sided adhesive on the tp      weakens after long time stress and affected by the environment, resulting in tp shift beyond the    backlight edge.
4. 建议:

    4. Suggestions:
    1.The backlight should be as wide as possible so that the tp sinks into the frame to prevent the tp shift.


     2. Increase the lower iron frame and design the iron frame ear elevation to prevent the tp shift.


     3. Increase the stickiness and paste area of the double-sided adhesive tape (the width of the back edge be as  wide as possible).


      4.add 0.05mm yellow tape to the backlight in tp's fpc direction.


       5. Storage: Under normal temperature.


       6.try to put on production within 1-5 months after producing and shipping.