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Electronic Sales Terminal

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Electronic Sales Terminal

Project Background
Through the use of the Internet, the cost has been reduced and more business opportunities have been created. As a result, e-commerce technology has been able to develop, and it has gradually become the biggest hot spot for Internet applications. In order to adapt to the e-commerce market trend, electronic payment has developed along with it.

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Project Induction
Provides standard industry motherboards to fit the full-size display/touch screen on the market. The motherboards can be directly applied to various Electronic Sales Terminals due to their high performance, high stability, and high expandability. The program supports Android or Linux systems, and open source code, can more easily customize personalized features, to create a competitive market Electronic Sales Terminal.


Plan Construction

Solution: Topfoison open source industry motherboard + display / touch screen + external devices

•Supports up to 8 I2S Mic arrays
•Support various types of voice platforms
•Voice wake-up, voice recognition, voice interaction, content service, cloud audio
•Low power consumption, high awake rate

Application Scenario

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