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Business and education terminals

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Business and education terminals


Topfoison Business and education terminals solution, using RK3288 and RK3399 Chips to develop High-Performance, High-Stability Open Source Industrial Motherboards / PCB board, it is with rich external expansion interfaces, handwriting optimization, millisecond response, and Voice interaction, allowing the product to adapt more flexibly to changes in market demand.


Program Features

1. high performance: Dual A72 + Mali-T864;
2. Large-screen high-resolution touch interaction: 4K UI and output;
3. High performance code, 4K 60fps H.265/H.264/VP9, With the same solution, real-time full HD recording;
4. Voice interaction, 8-channel I2S with MIC array support;
5. Rich interface and peripherals, Type-C/ USB3.0 ,PCIe, Multiple USB2.0 etc.

Application scenario

Topfoison provide PCB / motherboard solutions for electronic whiteboard, Electronic schoolbag


Topfoison provide PCB / motherboard solutions  for TV box

TV box2.jpg