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Commercial Display Equipment

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Commercial Display Equipment

Project Background
Topfoison provides a one-stop interactive advertising software and hardware solution. The rich hardware interface and code open source allows you to quickly complete a highly competitive advertising machine product.

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Project Introduction 
We provides standard industry motherboards to fit the full-size display/touch screen on the market. The motherboards can be directly applied to various advertising machines by virtue of high performance, high stability, and high expandability. The program supports Android or Linux systems, and open source code, can more easily customize personalized features, and create an interactive advertising machine with market competitiveness.

•Quad-core 64-bit CPU architecture
•Support Android/Linux system
•Supports up to 8 I2S/PDM Mic arrays
•Powerful multimedia codec capabilities
4KP60 Decode/1080P60 H.265 Encode
•Supports USB3.0/Dual Network Port


Project Construction
Topfoison opens source industry motherboard + display / touch screen + external devices


Program Features

1. Fully compatible with the market full-size (5 ~ 100 inch) display, support LVDS/eDP/MIPI/HDMI display interface, maximum support 4K hard solution.
2. Support dual-screen display, screen splicing can make merchandise display and advertising display more attractive.
3. Using high-performance industry board, can run Android or Linux system. Built-in ARM series high-performance chip, with the highest processing speed of 1.8GHz, faster and more stable.
4. Provide SDK source code, development tools, introductory tutorials, technical documentation and other technical information, more convenient secondary development, accelerate product development process.

Application Scenario

Suitable for sales display, shopping mall advertising, banking finance, hotel and hotel, intelligent building, transportation hub, certificate hall, intelligent building, commercial chain and other public venues.
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