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VR hardware

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VR hardware

Virtual reality headset is a kind of head-mounted display that closes people's vision and hearing to the outside world and guides users to feel in a virtual environment. VR is being pursued by more and more consumers and enthusiasts.

Topfoison developed a series of OLED/ TFT LCD display used for VR project. Size included dual 2.95 inch 1080p OLED displays, dual 3.81 inch 1080p OLED displays, 5.5inch 1080p, 6 inch 1080p and 6 inch 2K 1440p TFT LCD displays.


1.  Sample is available.

2.  With HDMI to MIPI board.

3.  Dual screen can be provided.

4.  With 4.9% ~ 6% High transmittance.

5.  With 1080p, 1440p high Resolution OLED and IPS TFT LCD display.