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Automotive/e-bike electronic

Topfosion has a series of small size LCD screen(1.6inch sunlight readable lcd/2.0inch spi lcd/2.4inch IPS Wide screen/2.6inch landscape display/2.8inch wide screen/3.5inch ips screen/5inch touch panel) for automotive applications, such as car navigation, instrument panel, and rear seat monitor. The products are designed to be reliable and durable in temperature, vibration, and other conditions required by automotive environments.



1.  High resolution,High brightness,High quality.
2.  Sunlight readable--It can be readable under sunlight.
3.  High temperature and High humidity which makes LCD more stable.
4.  Can be readable under sunlight especially for strong sunlight.
5.  Low consumption which can make the LCD a long liftetime.

Module No Size/inch Resolution Interface Viewing Angle
TF16001A 1.6 240*240 MCU 6 O'clock
TF16002A 1.6 240*240 MCU 6 O'clock
TF20019A 2 176*220 SPI 12 O'clock
TF24028A 2.4 240*320 MCU16Bit 12 O'clock
TF24035B 2.4 240*320 MCU16Bit 12 O'clock
TF24035C 2.4 240*320 MCU 16Bit IPS
TF26010A 2.6 320*240 RGB 18Bit 6 O'clock
TF28051A 2.8 240*320 SPI+RGB 12 O'clock
TF35027A 3.5 320*480 MCU 16Bit IPS
TF35018A 3.5 480*640 SPI+RGB IPS
TF50002E 5 800*480 RGB 24Bit 12 O'clock