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Projector hardware

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Projector hardware

In the past, high resolution LCD projector haven't be released to the marketing because the limitation of high resolution LCD screen's Landscape display and transmittance, but now we have broken the limitation and finished the 1080p/ 2k resolution and high transmittance displays. Topfoison developed some high resolution LCD display used for projector applications, 

Except for the already existing 6.0 inch 1080p and 1440p, we have a new product of 5.2 inch 1080p display removed backlight developed for the projector.


1.  With 1080x1920 and 1440x2560 high Resolution LCD display.

2.  With HDMI to MIPI board.

3.  With 4.9% ~ 6% High transmittance .

4.  The backlight of lcd display can be removed.

5.  Sample is available.