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Technical Support

1. Does OLED have a transmittance?

OLEDs have no backlight, rely on their own illumination, do not need a backlight, so there is no transmittance. The TFT itself does not emit light, the back light provides a light source, and the light is reduced when the light passes through the glass.

2. Which screen can be turned to a horizontal screen?

Currently only 3.5 inches and 3.97 inches can be achieved, other sizes are still unknown.

3. Does the HDMI board currently have a 9-axis tracking function?

Currently we are using a strip board without 9-axis tracking.

4. What is 4K?

The minimum resolution of the 4K standard is 3840×2160px, and 4K is also called QHD or UHD (Ultra HD). Simply put, a 4K screen can lay down 4 1080P screens.

Another common resolution of 4K is 4096×2160px, which is generally used on projectors or professional cameras.

5. Display refresh rate

The refresh rate determines whether the animation you are looking for is smooth and detailed. The refresh rate setting has nothing to do with PPI. It refers to the number of frames of the image displayed per second on the screen. The 60Hz refresh rate is 60 frames per second. 120Hz means 120 frames per second, and so on.

6. DPI and PPI

DPI (Dots Per Inch) was originally used to measure the density of dots per inch on printed matter, that is, how many points your printer can play in one inch. The smaller the DPI value, the less detailed the picture.

When the concept of DPI is used on a computer screen, it should be called PPI (Pixels Per Inch). PPI is the number of pixels that can be displayed per inch on a computer screen.

7. How is the PPI calculated?

PPI=Screen Diagonal Resolution/Screen Diagonal Length (Unit: Inch) = Screen Horizontal Resolution Cube and Screen Vertical Resolution Cube and Square/Screen Diagonal Length

8. If the chip is changed, does the customer need to change the firmware or hardware interface?

No need to change the program firmware or hardware interface, we will provide an initialization code to debug the client.

9. How long does the TF60010A's HDMI board output the signal to the screen?

Within 2 seconds, it has something to do with the computer CPU.

10. The screen interface is MCU 8bit, but the client side is MCU 32bit, can it be compatible?

Yes, the customer only needs to connect 8 bits, and the other ones are free.

11. What is the supply voltage of the 11.6.0-inch screen? Is there any other way to supply power besides USB power?

The 6.0-inch power supply voltage is 5V. In addition to USB power supply, there are 5 PINs that are powered. We can provide positive and negative PINs to customers, and customers can supply power (such as batteries).

12. Why should the LCD be anti-static?

Static damage to electronic products is present in many industries. Especially in the LCD liquid crystal display module industry, because the control and drive circuit in the module is a low-voltage, micro-power CMOS circuit, it is easily broken down by static electricity.

13. What is the difference between MIPI 2 channel and 4 channel?

The large size is generally 4 channels, which is related to the signal transmission speed.

14. Can the backlight voltage be changed to an input voltage of about 3.3V?

Yes, the LEDs can be changed to parallel, and the FPC can be customized.

15. What is the 15.1 inch, 6.0 inch AVDD and AVEE voltage?

 AVDD is 5.5V, AVEE is -5.5V

16. Power consumption of LCD display?

The power consumption of the LCD display is divided into two parts: backlight power consumption and screen display power consumption. The screen display is different and the power consumption is different.

17. Can the TFT LCD filter the 500nm laser?

Can not filter the laser backlight of .520nm wavelength is close to green, TFT has color filter, it can accurately select the small range of light waves to pass, and reflect other unwanted bands, but when the backlight is green, the whole TFT The picture will be greenish, so that the effect of the color picture will not be achieved, and the whole picture will be distorted. Generally only the black and white screen will be backlit with monochromatic light.

18. What does CSI and DSI mean in the MIPI agreement?

CSI/DSI means that it is carried for Camera or Display applications.

19. There are two sets of DSI in 6.0 inch. Can I choose to use it?

No, the MIPI interface is divided into two groups, 8 channels and 4 channels, which must be connected.

20. Is the TF60012A compatible? LINUX? and CENTOS

In theory, it depends on the customer's main chip. The customer's main chip supports the MIPI interface, and the resolution also supports FHD, which is compatible.

21. OLED back foam

The foam silk screen on the back of the screen of the OLED is shipped from the factory. The foam is used as a buffer to protect the screen, not the scratches mentioned by the customer.

22. What is the maximum thickness of the CTP cover glass?

It is currently 1.8mm. An overly thick cover will affect sensitivity.