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LCD screen customization solution

Different industries have different requirements for lcd displays. Many devices have different usage requirements and usage environments. For example, touch applications in outdoor sunlight, high or low temperature environments, etc. Topfoison helps you customize, design and manufacture perfect display screen.


LCD Display Custom
   Readable in sunlight                               High light                                 Wide temperature                                  EMC                                                    ESD                                  Bars and circular screens          Long-term supply cycles
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 Surface treatment                Seismic                       Anti-UV                     Glove mode               Wet hands touch              Salt water touch             Optical bonding


Choose the right LCD screen


Our extensive R&D and manufacturing experience enables us to advise you on good monitor performance.

1. According to the application environment and application field, recommend the appropriate display scheme.

2. We have an in-depth understanding of TFT LCD panels, mechanical structures and optical characteristics, and can be customized according to customer requirements to meet the needs of display screens in extremely harsh environments usage of.

3. Choose the best balance between performance, price and supply. 

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Capacitive Touch Screen Integrated Solutions


Capacitive touch screens have become the most popular display technology in recent years and play an important role in display terminals.                                          

1. Single-touch or multi-touch?

2. Provide the firmware configuration for the application.

3. Optimize the effect of gloves, capacitive pens, wet hands and salt water touch.

4. Tempered glass, IK grade, select AR/AF/AG surface treatment technology.



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