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High-Quality Touch Display with 3.2" LCD - 240x320 Pixels


Product Num TF-LCM3201 1A-T-V0
Display Size 3.2
Display Format 240*320
View Direction 12 O'clock
LCM Size (W*H*T) 55.04(W) * 1 19.2 (H) * 3.75 (T) mm
Active Area (W*H) 48.6(W) * 64.8(H) mm
Display Interface MCU / SPI
Controller IC ST7789V2
Work Temperature -20°C ~ +70°C
Storage Temperature -30°C ~ +80°C
Is Touch YES
LCD Type Normal White/ Transmissive


Characteristic  Specifications Unit Dimensional drawing


 Dispaly Spec

Brand  Topfoison  - High-Quality Touch Display with 3.2
Size  3.2  inch
Display Format  240*320  dots 
Pixel Pitch  {content:pixelPitch}  mm 
View Direction  12 O'clock  O'clock




Size  3.2   mm 
Active Area  48.6(W) * 64.8(H) mm  mm 
Is Touch  YES  -
Work Temperature  -20°C ~ +70°C    ℃ 
Storage Temperature  -30°C ~ +80°C   ℃ 




Display Interface   MCU / SPI  -
Controller IC  ST7789V2   - 
CTP IC     - 


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