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Is TFT LCD display good?

Is TFT LCD display good? As we all know, TFT is one of the LCD screens, and it is mostly the same as an LCD screen in application scenarios, and today we come to know about the good and bad of TFT screens.

What does the TFT-LCD screen mean?

TFT-LCD LCD, also known as TFT-LCD LCD, can place a liquid crystal layer between two glass substrates, the upper glass substrate being a filter and the lower glass substrate being a transistor. As the transistor's current is changed, the liquid crystal molecules are shifted, thus changing the polarity of the light, and then the pixel brightness and brightness are determined by the polarizing plate. In addition, a screen was formed by combining the glass on the upper edge with a filter such that each pixel contained three colors: red, blue, and green.

Which is better for TFT-LCD LCD screen and normal LCD screen?

(1) Has a large display area and a wide display angle

The display area of TFT LCDs is larger than other LCDs. Nowadays in the Digital Town, dozens of size TFT LCDs are located everywhere, and other models of liquid crystal displays, all under twenty inches. At present, both lateral and longitudinal viewing angles of TFT LCDs can reach 178 degrees, which is unparalleled by other LCD displays.

(2) High integration, good application performance

The liquid crystalline projection wafer at 1.3 ″ has a resolution at XGA comprising one million pixels. The film thickness of the 16.1-nm TFT array with SXGA (1280x1024) is only 50 nm, which is much higher than LSI because of the technical difficulties in integrating IC devices, power supply technologies, and so on, compared with tab on glass and system on glass technologies. Low voltage, low drive, rugged, safer, and more reliable; Flat, lighter.

(3) Good display quality and low hazardous radiation

TFT is a matrix selection circuit that improves the performance of liquid-crystal photovalves. In high-definition displays, with voltage adjustment from 0 to 6 V (usually 0.2 to 4 V), the object cell can be accurately controlled, which enables the LCD to obtain a high-quality, high-definition display. Nowadays, people have started to combine driving ICs with glass substrates, and the performance of overall TFTs will be more robust, which is not available for conventional LCD chips. Does not produce radiation, does not blink, and does not harm the user's body. In particular, the advent of the TFT-LCD eworkbook will usher mankind into an era of paper-free office and paper-free printing, thus triggering a change in human learning, dissemination, and documentation civilization.

(4) Fabrication of low cost, multistep procedures

Glass and plastic sheets fundamentally solve the problem of the cost of LCD and open up a new field for a wide range of applications of LCD. In addition to the conventional sputtering, CVD (CVD) MCVD (MCVD), laser annealing technique has been used to prepare amorphous, polycrystalline, and single crystal films. It can not only fabricate silicon film, but also other type II-VI and II-V semiconductor films.

(5) Widespread and widespread use

Suitable for - 20 ~ 50 ℃, TFT LCDs after temperature controlled strengthening were employed, which exhibited a low operating temperature of - 80 ℃. It can be used as a mobile phone, desktop terminal, large screen projection TV, is a complete image display terminal with good performance. LCD based on TFT technology, which is the pillar of it, can also be applied to the fast-growing TFT-OLED flatbed display.

Is TFT LCD display good? The above is an illustration of the advantages of the TFT screen and will hopefully be helpful to everyone.

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