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What are the characteristics of LCD?

What are the characteristics of LCD? LCD, also called LCD, is a flat panel display. LCD display adopts two kinds of polarized liquid crystal solutions. As the current passes through the liquid, these crystals are rearranged to produce an image.

The main features of LCD display are as follows:

1. The LCD screen can have a high resolution, and a normal mobile phone's ppi (pixel number) can be up to 300.

2. The LCD has more gray levels and can show more colors.

3. High Display Quality: Since every spot on the LCD screen retains its color and brightness when it receives a signal, it emits constant light, unlike a CRT (CRT) that requires constant refresh. Therefore, LCD has high image quality, never flickers, and minimizes eye fatigue.

4. NO ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION: Conventional LCD is made of fluorescent material, and the fluorescent material is displayed by electron beam. When an electron beam strikes a fluorescent material, it emits intense electromagnetic radiation. Although a lot of display products have been treated with radiation, the radiation is reduced as far as possible, but it is hard to eliminate them completely. 

5. On the contrary, the LCD screen has the inherent advantage of radiation protection, since it does not emit any radiation. In the field of EMF, the LCD has its special advantages. It adopts a rigorous sealing technique to seal a small number of electromagnetic waves from the driving circuit. In order to dissipate heat, ordinary monitors must be retained as much as possible. The circuit is in contact with the air, so a large amount of electromagnetic waves generated by the internal circuit will "leak" to the outside.

What are the characteristics of LCD? The above is about the characteristics of LCD. I hope it will be more helpful for you to understand LCD screen

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