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Is the display eye protection certification cut leeks?

Is the display eye protection certification cut leeks? I believe many of my friends are like me. They work in front of monitors during the day. They come home from get off work and continue to play games and watch movies in front of the monitor. Over time, their eyes are prone to dryness and fatigue. After so many years of popularization, the culprit is the blue light and strobe emitted by the display. Because of this, there are many monitors with eye protection functions on the market.

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In the face of various products on the market, how do users judge whether their eye protection function is an IQ tax? Some manufacturers also send their products to third-party testing agencies for certification. Then, with the certificate of conformity, is the eye protection function of related products stable?

Speaking of eye protection certification, everyone should immediately think of the eye protection certification of TUV Rheinland in Germany. In the introduction of display products, this certification generally appears in the blue light filtering function, so many people naturally think that TUV is mainly for low blue light. In fact, TUV eye protection certification mainly includes three items: no flicker, low blue light and reduced reflections. According to TUV Rheinland's official description, the certification was originally intended to "focus on common concerns such as blue light levels, flicker, and high-quality imaging. The certified display reduces blue light, is flicker-free, protects the eyes, protects the user's vision, and allows Users can change body posture without compromising visual image quality."

No flickering means stroboscopic display, and low blue light means filtering short-wave blue light. I believe everyone knows the above two points. In addition, TUV eye protection certification includes reflection reduction, ergonomic certification and display quality.

What many users do not understand is that all items of this TUV eye protection certification can be certified individually. One possibility is that a monitor can claim to be certified by TUV Rheinland as long as it has passed the certification of one of the projects, but it may not actually meet his standards.

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Is the display eye protection certification cut leeks? So in fact, it is not so important to have passed the eye protection certification. We don't need to pay too much attention to a certificate, as long as we choose a manufacturer that we can trust and have quality assurance. Quality assurance manufacturers, you can contact us:https://www.topfoison.com/

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