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What is the role of LCD?

What is the role of LCD? The LCD screen is the most common LCD screen in our lives, so do you know what the names of the LCD screen are? Do you really know what others say?

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If you want to have your own LCD screen, you must first tailor it according to your own needs, which means that mold opening is not a standard product.

LCD mold opening manufacturers generally use black and white displays or LCD screens, and the development cost of this type is relatively low.

LCD screen is a kind of liquid crystal product, generally called patterned LCD screen, pen segment LCD screen, monochrome LCD screen, etc. It is used to distinguish it from the dot matrix LCD screen, so the LCD screen is not a strict expression or classification.

The manufacturing price of the liquid crystal material is relatively low, and the driving cost of the LCD screen is relatively low, which is equivalent to 16 8-characters, and a 8-character consists of 7 segments, that is, 7 pixels.

Liquid crystal displays can be divided into positive and negative types, and their categories can be divided into five types: TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, and VA.

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What is the role of LCD? That's all for today. Is it easy to understand? Thanks for browsing. See you next time.

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