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Hot Keywords: TFT LCD  Touch screen solutions

Topfoison tft lcd display,           the choice of the world!

TFT LCD display are widely used in the mobile phone, car, industrial products, medical treatments and consumer area and so on.

High Standard, High Quality              Serve all over the world

(Topfoison has several Fully automatic production lines as well as a series of reliability experimental device to guarantee the quality of products)

A series of wearable device solutions can be provided.

(0.91-1.63inch Round and Square)
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     Topfoison  has  devoted  itself
to     the     manufacturing     and
development   of   high  -   quality 

products for the Wearable device,

Smart Watch, VR, Medical device,

Industrial  LCD  display  including 

Color TFT / OLED display / Round 

lcd  AMOLED  /  Transflective  lcd

screen  /  IPS  full  wide  display /

1080p   fhd   AMOLED   and   2K 

1440p  lcd.

Is this you?
1. We want to creative a new product to attract more customers, and drive more sales.  But we don’t know who can help us? Where are they? And how do I find them?
2. We hope that a professional team can help us complete our custom projects, but we are not sure what they can do?
3. We need a long term strategic partner in China, but sometimes our suppliers are unable to meet our needs, so we want a strong factory.

How do you help?

1.  We help you produce high quality ......

2.  We provide best OEM / ODM service and cooperation.

3.  We provide you professional design / R & D service.

4.  You can get newest products and learn market trend from us.

1.  We can provide Small size TFT LCD free samples.  

2.  We can provide 5 Years LCD supply contract.

3.  Our company guarantee 24 Months Warranty.

4.  OEM&ODM service and Customization can be available.

5.  Professional LCD experts and after-sales service.

6.  Fully Automatic production lines guarantee the quality of products

7.  High Standard,High Quality,Serve all over the world


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