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What is difference between LCD and AMOLED?

What is difference between LCD and AMOLED? The biggest difference between AMOLED and LCD screens is that AMOLED generally has a wider color gamut, which can display more colors, and the displayed picture will be more pleasing. In addition, AMOLED screens have higher saturation when displaying blues and greens, so in the early days, AMOLED screens were often criticized for color inaccuracy and too bright colors. Compared to AMOLED screens, LCD screens typically overcompensate for red and suppress green. Although the color gamut of LCD screens is not as wide as that of AMOLED screens, it is actually closer to the standard RGB color gamut used for video and photo editing.

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And if the AMOLED screen mobile phone and the LCD screen mobile phone are tested in detail, some differences can also be seen. It is not difficult to see that, in addition to the material of the screen itself, the adjustment of various manufacturers also affects the color of the screen. In addition to color gamut, color accuracy is also a very important evaluation indicator. From past tests, it can be found that the color accuracy of AMOLED screens has been very good, especially when it is actually displayed in white, while LCD screens are usually a bit blue or green. Of course, given that LCD screens typically use a blue backlight, this result is not surprising.

In addition, the LCD screen is not dominant in weight, because it uses a backlight layer, and the backlight layer cannot be completely closed, so there are some imperfections such as light leakage and low contrast. But AMOLED screens have different life cycles of RGB pixels and may experience color drift over time, while LCDs do not have this problem.

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What is the difference between LCD and AMOLED? The above is the difference between the two. You can choose the right product according to your needs.

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