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Do LCD screens wear out?

Do LCD screens wear out? With the increase of use time, the fragile screen of the mobile phone will definitely be "damaged" to a certain extent, which is really sad for consumers with obsessive-compulsive disorder! So, what can we do to protect and remedy scratches on LCD screens? Let's take a look.

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Planning ahead is always more effective than catching up. If you just bought a new phone, or use it carefully, and there are no scratches, you should be prepared for protection from now on.

First, the sticker is a must. The film can effectively protect the screen from being scratched by hard objects. But in terms of scratches and scratches, the downside is that it gets scratched after a while. It's fine if you don't care, if you have obsessive-compulsive disorder or a Virgo, it will take a while to change the membrane.


Although there is the protection of the membrane shell, there are still some details that need to be paid attention to in daily use.

Although in theory, the glass hardness of the LCD screen is higher than that of hard metal objects such as keys. However, not afraid of ten thousand, just in case, it is best not to put the screen together with some small metal objects.

In addition, the biggest culprit of screen scratches is dust and grit. So try to stay away from places with bad air environment and dusty places. Don't let the sand rub on the smooth screen...


Having said so much, they are all protective measures under the condition that the LCD screen has not been damaged. So if the LCD screen is scratched, how to remedy it?

We can repair some minor scratches with abrasives that are very common in everyday life. Such as toothpaste, baking soda, baby powder. 3M mirror wax can also be used if conditions permit. Dab a small amount of abrasive with a cotton swab or clean cloth. Then, wipe the scratches on the screen with a cotton swab or cloth in a circular motion. Just wait until the scratches on the screen disappear and wipe the screen clean.

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Do LCD screens wear out? This is for sure, if the damage to the LCD screen is so serious that you can't stand it, then you can only change the screen.

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