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What are the differences between CRT and LCD?

What are the differences between CRT and LCD? CRT and LCD are both monitors we know well, but what are the differences between them? Let's find out together:

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First, different in nature

1. Cathode ray tube display: A display that uses a cathode ray tube.

2.LCD: Liquid crystal display, which is a liquid crystal display technology and projection technology.

Second, the structure is different

1. CRT display: electron gun, deflection coil, shadow mask, high voltage graphite electrode, Phosphor and glass casing.

2.LCD: The structure of LCD is to place a liquid crystal cell between two parallel glass substrates, a TFT (thin film transistor) is arranged on the lower substrate glass, and a color filter is arranged on the upper substrate glass.

Third, the principles are different.

1. CRT display: CRT displays display images by exciting phosphors on the inner surface of the screen by electron beams. Since the phosphors are lit and then quickly extinguished, the electron gun must continually cycle to excite the dots.

2.LCD: By changing the signal and voltage on the TFT to control the rotation direction of the liquid crystal molecules, so as to control the polarized light emission of each pixel or not, to achieve the purpose of display.

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What are the differences between CRT and LCD? The above are the differences between CRT and LCD. And LCD is gradually replacing CRT as the mainstream trend of the market.

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